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Industry sector studies

At Sydney University, we carry out impact studies of specific Australian industry sectors in terms of a range of indicators.

Examples for industry sector studies include

  • Triple Bottom Line Accounts for 135 sectors of the Australian economy (funded by Environment Australia),
  • a comparative impact study of Australian organic and conventional farms,
  • backward and forward linkages of Australian industry sectors, and Australian key sectors,
  • comparative impact studies of renewable energy technologies,
  • a survey of operators in the Australian passenger and freight transport system with regard to energy and greenhouse impacts,
  • an embodied-energy framework for the construction industry, in collaboration with the Mobile Architecture & Built Environment Laboratory at Deakin University.

For further information contact us for copies of journal articles on

  • Australian industry sector linkages and key sectors: Lenzen M, Environmentally important linkages and key sectors in the Australian economy, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 14 (1), 1-34, 2002,
  • the renewable energy sector: Lenzen M and Wachsmann U, Wind energy converters in Brazil and Germany: an example for geographical variability in LCA, Applied Energy, in press, 2003; Lenzen M and Munksgaard J, Energy and CO2 life-cycle analyses of wind turbines � review and applications, Renewable Energy 26 (3), 339-362, 2002; Lenzen M, Greenhouse gas analysis of solar-thermal electricity generation, Solar Energy 65 (6), 353-368, 1999,
  • embodied energy in the Australian steel sector: Lenzen M and Dey C, Truncation error in embodied energy analyses of basic iron and steel products, Energy 25 (6), 577-585, 2000,
  • the Australian transport sector: Lenzen M, Total requirements of energy and greenhouse gases for Australian transport, Transportation Research D 4, 265-290, 1999.

For further information please contact

Dr Arne Geschke
ISA, School of Physics A28
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
+61 (0)2 9036-7505
[email protected]