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Sustainability Reporting for organisations

funded by the New South Wales Government Department of Environment and Conservation

In February 2006, the ISA Group has completed work on a 2-year Sustainability Reporting Pilot Program for organisations, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.

The aim of the Sustainability Reporting for Organisations project was to take a TBL reporting methodology developed by the School of Physics at the University of Sydney and make of it a reporting tool that could be used by organisations themselves to report on their triple bottom line. The intended outcomes were: a TBL accounting framework and software tool; a freely accessible online training program; a certificated online training program.

To accommodate the need to engage stakeholders in the development process the Sustainability Reporting for Organisations project adopted a Participatory Action Research (PAR) process. Action research is an approach in which people work together to bring about changes. Project partners were drawn from a range of areas including:

  • local government (NSW and VIC)
  • non-government organisation (national)
  • business (VIC)
  • finance (Australia/NZ company)
  • industry (global company operating in 40 countries)
  • tertiary education (NSW).
The project has resulted in a comprehensive output including:

Dr Joy Murray
School of Physics, A28
The University of Sydney NSW 2006
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