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Partnership between Stockholm Environment Institute and ISA

In February 2006, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and ISA entered into a strategic partnership, sharing both organisations� skills and experiences.

In particular, the organisations are co-operating on

  • the shaping of the Standards for the Ecological Footprint and methodological improvements of this concept,
  • the development of advanced concepts and methods for Ecological Economics, and
  • the dissemination of sustainability tools for business and government.

SEI and ISA have already

  • co-authored a research report on the concept of shared producer and consumer responsibility,
  • developed versions of the Triple Bottom Line Reporting software BottomLine3 for both the Australian and UK economies, and
  • produced a proposal for the realisation of a global multi-region input-output model.

In the future SEI and ISA will

  • develop data sets of the policy analysis and scenario software tool REAP for the Australian and other economies.

Tommy Wiedmann and Manfred Lenzen announcing the SEI-ISA partnership.

Workshop on Material Flows and Environmental Impacts behind International Trade of Japan.

27 February 2006, Akihabara Convention Hall, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

At the workshop, Wiedmann and Lenzen expressed the timeliness and mutual complementarity of their organisations� partnership.

Both were not only looking forward to enlightening research and successful applications in a long-lasting co-operation, �

� but were also certain that clashes of any kind were out of the question !

For more information please contact

Prof Manfred Lenzen
ISA, A28
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