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About BottomLine3

BottomLine3 (no longer available) is a software package developed by Dipolar Pty Limited and ISA. Using this software you can create a comprehensive sustainability report across the Triple Bottom Line simply by inputing your orgainsation's expenditure and revenue accounts.

The BottomLine3 software takes your organisation�s financial accounts, together with on-site impact data, as input. The outputs are powerful diagrams and tables that will form the backbone of a comprehensive sustainability report. There is no additional data collection effort. The software calculates your Triple Bottom Line account for your sustainability report directly from your organisational financial data.

You can report across a wide range of environmental, social and economic indicators - you may choose from a bank of hundreds of predefined indicators. The outputs include aggregate figures, detailed breakdowns and rankings of indicators into supply chain contributions.

Each indicator characterises the impact of your organisation�s activities. Some of these impacts are direct - occurring onsite within the premises of your organisation. Some impacts are indirect - occurring off-site. The software carries out a complete life-cycle assessment of all of your organisations impacts � direct and indirect.

Assessment of your organisation�s indirect impacts is critical because it enables meaningful benchmarking, avoids loopholes in reporting and informs about real risk. You have the capacity to reward and encourage the greening of supply chains and increase your organisation�s attractiveness to customers.

Your indirect upstream impacts are embodied in your organisation�s purchases, that�s why they can be calculated from the accounts and balance sheets that your organisation already has. Your on-site impacts can be entered directly, based on your internal data.

BottomLine3 Applications

BottomLine3 has been applied to businesses on Norfolk Island. A full Triple Bottom Line report is now available.

BottomLine3 Launches

BottomLine3 has been launched in the UK, in Australia and Japan.